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Chronicle Journal of Cancer Science and Research covers all the topic related to the treatment of cancer. Cancer science identifies causes and develops strategies for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure.
The Journal focuses on Cancer Biology, Cancer cells, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Cell and Molecular Biology of Carcinogenesis, Colon cancers, Lung Cancer, Signal transduction, Protein Kinase, genetic studies related to diseases.
Chronicle Publishers invites Review articles, Short Reviews, Research articles, Case reports, and Opinion articles.


Chronicle Publishers is an open access publication in which the accepted manuscripts are seen online and it is free of cost to the users to view the manuscript online there is no subscription fee. The visitor can view, copy, download and print the manuscripts after it is published online.

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cs f1Growth Response of Neurofibroma Explants to FGF-Basic Human Single –Plex Beads in -Vitro Cell-Culture Analysis

Sulaiman M.H1*, Imam J1, Suleiman M.M2, Bello A3, Kudi C.A4

Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF-1), also known as von Recklinghausen disease is caused by disorder of a single gene on chromosome 17 that usually restrains cell division. The NF1 gene is mapped to chromosome 17(17p21). Its protein product neurofibromin, negatively regulate oncogenic Ras, and thus regulate cell proliferation. Neurofibromas are heterogeneous and complex benign tumours, consisting of Schwann cells (NF-/-) and fibroblasts (NF1+/+, NF+/-) and other cell types including perineurial cells, mast cells, pericytes and endothelial cells.

The Value of Colonoscopy Performed for Indication of Positive Fecal Occult Blood Test within Five Years after a Normal Colonoscopy

Mari Amir1*, Ovadia Baruch1, Gal Oren1, Dapasmes Roman1, Abu Backer Fadi1, Feldman Dani1, Kopelman Yael1

colorectal cancer screening by colonoscopy for average risk populations, beginning at the age of 50 has been proven to decrease mortality. Routine performance of a yearly fecal occult blood test (FOBT) in populations undergoing regular colonoscopic screening is not advised. However, a number of physicians continue to recommend the performance of yearly FOBTs along with colonoscopy surveillance.


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