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Volume 1 Issue 3


Incidence and Trend of Ten Cancers Registered at Dubai Hospital 2008-2016 Approach to Hospital Based Cancer Registry

Waleed Al Faisal*1, Hamid Hussain1, Nezar Ahmed Salim2, Fouad Chehab3, Raja Kathamuthu3, Al JassmiAbdulrahman3, Mouza Al-sharhan3, Syed Hammad Tirmazy3, Badran Al-hatib3, Hassan Abu Nigim3, Hosam Bashandy3, Amna Abunawas Al Mehairi3, Mohammed Ghassan Tuffaha3

Studying incidence and trend of the most common cancer cases is important in shedding light on the size of the cancer problem in any country as a first step towards separate and more specific study to every individual cancer. This may also prioritize thinking in the field of cancer and direct efforts and actions that may be taken for the purpose of cancer prevention and control.



Clinical and Epidemiological Trends of Thyroid Cancer Admitted to Dubai Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Center, Dubai–UAE 2013-2018

Massoumeh M.H.Zadeh¹*, Batool Al Balooshi¹, Hamid Y. Hussain²

The incidences of thyroid cancer has been increasing worldwide in the last three decades by a higher exposure of potential risk factors such as radiation exposure, diabetes, excess weight, and/or environmental factors.



Stem Cells and Cancer Therapy, Current Engagement and Future Perspectives

Hamid Yahya Hussain¹*

Due to the uniqueness of the biological structures of stem cells, and having special properties, such as remarkable affinity and migrating to cancers cell, producing and pouring bioactive factors, as well as the immunosuppression characteristics, all make stem cells ready to playing the extensive role in tumor targeting process.



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